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Halloween Party: “TRICK OR TEA?”

halloween tea party

Organize your Halloween (tea) party! On the 31st of October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of all hallows’ day. Parts of Halloween can seem so innocent – little princesses, superheroes, and lions going door to door for treats. But Halloween celebrations have become creepy. Over time, things change.

People start decorating their home with Halloween tools and some are staying with friends to celebrate the party. When the doorbell rings, you will see people having transformed their body to a creepier one and saying “Trick or Treat”. This year, forget about candies and give them something unique to bring home: TEA

Tea will elevate any costumed cutie’s palate and get them hooked on something healthy. One of the most wonderful things about tea is that it fits nicely into any daily routine or holiday celebration.

BODIA infusion is composed of aromatic herbs and plants picked fresh from the earth and dried the natural way. These gifts will make little vampires and superheroes experience a taste delight whilst also benefiting from plants natural virtues. You can brew Ginger & Lemongrass tea to all your friends because the taste combines deliciously with the delicate citrus tones of lemongrass to concoct an energizing cocktail. And if you prefer something sweet you can try Cinnamon & Pandanas tea that provide you the sweetness of the pandanas leaves, leaving a delicious blend of plant and spice. Not just a tea, it can also be a decoration and custom ideas items for the party. Tea can be used as a dye for paper and cloth products, and different teas create different looks.


Herbal Hibiscus & Butterfly Pea tea with the dark blood red flowers of the hibiscus plant can be decorated like blood in a jar or a tea cup followed by the dried tea leaves on the table to make it just look like a jar of blood for the vampire drink. Tea can be used to make some fast and original decorations for a haunted table decor. Using a variety of teas, fill jars with dry tea leaves and fill bottles with different-colored tea brews.
Create labels with the tea-dyed paper ideas from above to create containers of creepiness – perhaps advertising contents such as poisons or mysterious concoctions.

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“My broomstick runs on tea” said a witch. Happy Halloween, tea lovers!

Halloween party will start soon and everyone is very excited to re-creating makeup on this party. Normally the makeup is to look unique, Cosplay, or looking very creepier. When it comes to Halloween everyone gets excited because of that one day you can become whatever you want and, you can become a monster or a bloody girl without anyone giving you a weird looking. Do you ever think that natural product can use for Halloween makeup?


BODIA has established a Charcoal Pollution Detox range. Well-known for its natural purifying properties, the charcoal is used to absurd impurities from the surface of the skin. Made 100% recycled coconut shells, the sustainable and eco-friendly charcoal used by BODIA is made in Cambodia. Click here to know more about the making process of our partner SGFE.

The charcoal can be used as a makeup tools of Halloween party without worrying that it will destroy your skin for the whole night. You can use the charcoal powder for the black face paint, it is easy you can just mix charcoal powder with some water and a few drops of olive oil to prevent the feeling of dryness and viola. Under the eyes you can apply a little bit of activated charcoal powder, which worked really well for a hollow-eyed look.

So no matter the character you are going to be, the charcoal powder is easy for you to remove it off, all you need is just water. Isn’t it a good idea for you? Because you really don’t want the kind of color that you have to fight to take them off.
Halloween is amazing and it’s a lot of fun, especially for those adults who like dressing up, it’s nice to dress up and paint our faces and look like someone else but that does not mean that we should neglect our skincare.

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