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Key Benefits:


Improve Digestion


Ingredients Turmeric & Lemongrass
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Enjoy the essence of serenity with our range of teas, a symphony of authentic flavors grown locally in Cambodia. Each cup is a unique sensory adventure, infused with the richness of the plants and roots of our beautiful regions, creating an exotic tea experience. Our teas are meticulously handcrafted to capture the authenticity of local ingredients. From exotic plants to nourishing roots, each variety is carefully selected to offer a diverse palette of health benefits, while reflecting the rich tradition of Cambodian culture. Explore the delicate flavors of our range of teas, a subtle fusion of botanicals and single roots. Let yourself be carried away by the captivating aroma of each infusion, each sip an invitation to relaxation and revitalization. Our teas embody the commitment to quality and sustainability. Locally crafted, each sheet is a declaration of love to our land and community, creating an authentic connection between your well-being and Cambodia's natural treasures. Discover the harmony between nature and well-being with our range of teas, a celebration of health, taste and tradition. Immerse yourself in a unique tea experience, carefully cultivated to awaken your senses and enrich your life.

Infusion - Hibiscus & Ginger

The zesty taste of hibiscus, known for lowering the blood pressure, fuses with the fiery properties of ginger; thought to fight nausea, to create a fusion of delectation for the body and mind.

Infusion - Hibiscus & Butterfly pea

The dark blood red flowers of the hibiscus plant combined with the inky blue of the butterfly pea flower join to form a seductively rich magenta. The tangy and refreshing flavor of this depression fighting tea, tickles the taste buds and lowers blood pressure making it a delicious natural tonic for the body.

Infusion - Turmeric & Lemongrass

Visually delightful, the distinctive yellow color and earthy taste of turmeric combines with the citrus tones of lemongrass. Add a hint of Kampot pepper and sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. Stimulate the immune system and aid digestion with this spicy, intoxicating herbal tea.

Herbal Tea - Ginger & Lemongrass

Create a flowery garden in your tea pot. The fiery Ginger taste combines deliciously with the delicate citrus tones of lemongrass to concoct an energizing cocktail which is known to reduce nausea and can help to soothe muscles.



Flavors of Cambodia

Sensory journey to Cambodia

Rich in flavor and crafted from organic Cambodian ingredients, our teas offer an unrivaled infusion of natural goodness. Indulge in an experience full of aromas and flavors that will stimulate your senses and leave you feeling revitalized!