Gotu Kola & Sericin

Gotu Kola & Sericin Skincare Collection by Bodia

Gotu Kola & Sericin
Skincare Collection


Known since 200BC in Asia as "The Fountain of Life", Gotu Kola (also know as Centella Asiatica or Asian Pennyworth) is a powerful plant despite of its small size. The traditional indian Ayurveda Medecin refers to it as "a pharmacy in one herb". Some old stories even reports that elephants get their legendary memory thanks to this plant they love to eat... Bodia has concentrated all the benefits and powers of Gotu Kola to create a unique and complete facial skincare line. Associated with Sericin, a natural extract from the cocoon’s fibers of silk worms, this new collection offers incredible skin softening properties thanks to the natural regenerating agents. Enhance your skincare daily routine with a all-natural boosting cocktail for cells healing.

Gotu Kola

(Lat. Centella Asiatica)

A pharmacy in one herb...

Whether you name it Centella Asiatica or Asian Pennyworth, this discreet crawling little plant, from the parsley family, has much more power than it seems at first sight. In Cambodia, traditional healers understood centuries ago its valuable role in traditional remedies to treat fever and improve brain cell regeneration. More recently, scientists discovered its ability to trigger the skin’s natural collagen production and therefore boost the healing of small imperfections while preventing sagging skin.



The softness power...

Unknown for long, sericin reveals in Bodia's innovative formula its incredible softening benefits. This natural protein is nothing less than the precious glue made by the silkworm to hold its cocoon's structure together. It has also recently been recognized for its outstanding antioxidant properties and abilities to improve skin softness and elasticity. Some old stories reports that the woman who cleaned the silk threads have the reputation of having the softest hands in Asia thanks to the extraordinary softening properties of Sericin.